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Updated Itenerary – as of 10/26/07

Because of Hurican Dean, The port at Costa Maya mexico was destroyed so they have removed it from our itenerary and replaced it with Cozumel, Mexico. The new iteinerary is as follows:

Sunday – Depart from Tampa
Monday – Key West Florida
Tuesday – At Sea
Wednesday – Belize City, Belize
Thursday – Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatamala
Friday – Cozumel Mexico
Saturday – At Sea
Sunday – Disembark, Tampa

Port #1 (Key West Florida)

These are the excursions that are interesting to us:

Catamaran Sail and Snorkel $49 per person

Your adventure begins as you board a state-of-the-art catamaran, sailing out to North America’s only living coral reef. For the ultimate in sailing comfort, the boat features a stairway to the sea, a restroom, showers, a shaded lounge and large sundeck. Snorkel with first-class gear and professional instruction by the friendly crew to make your time in the water most enjoyable. Soda, beer and wine will be served on the return trip.

Old Town Trolley and Conch Train $33 per person

This tour is a “must” for all first-time visitors to Key West. Enjoy a one-hour narrated tour by comfortable trolley bus or the unique Conch Train. Your driver/guide will point out Ernest Hemingway’s home and museum, Audubon House, and the “little White House,” where Harry S. Truman relaxed from the pressures of the presidency, as well as other Conch Republic highlights. Return to the ship or browse in the shops at the pier

Pirate Soul & Shipwreck Museum $39 per person

Your tour will begin along side your cruise ship where you will be met by one of the Pirates of Pirate Soul. As you enter Pirate Soul you will be taken back to Port Royal, Jamaica, in the late 1690s and realize that you have arrived in the ultimate pirate museum. Within the winding alleys of the museum you will see a unique collection of 500 museum-quality, authentic pirate artifacts coupled with elements of interactive technology revealing a historic adventure through the Golden Age of Piracy and the lives of the era’s most infamous pirates. With the “please touch” approach and audio-animatronics of a theme park, you will undertake an awesome pirate journey both above and below deck, filled with compelling lore, surprising facts and an abundance of sensory perceptions. Interact with historical facts, myths and folklore of many of the best-known pirates and privateers. Expect the unexpected as you enter the world and the lives of these most daring heroes and villains! See the original journal of Captain Kidd’s last voyage, the only authentic pirate treasure chest in America originally belonging to Captain Thomas Tew, Blackbeard’s original blunderbuss, a rare 1696 “wanted” poster for the dreaded Henry Every, an assortment of rare pirate gold, cannonballs, weaponry, flags, books, maps, clothing and original pirate broadsides and proclamations. Artifacts on loan from the North Carolina Maritime Museum and Delaware Art Museum will be on display. Conclude your 300-year-old voyage back in time in the Pirate Soul Shoppe, the source for piratical paraphernalia, apparel, gifts and memorabilia. Next you will visit the Key West Shipwreck Historeum where lumbers, wreckers and salvagers will thrill you with tales of the 19th and 20th centuries. See a short film describing Key West’s maritime history and the salvaging that helped make it the richest city in America. Upstairs, you will meet the 150-year-old Mr. Tift, working in his storeroom. Feel free to wander through the rest of the museum. For the more energetic, the 65 foot wrecking tower offers the best view of Key West.

Port #2 Belize City Belize

Catamaran Barrier Reef Snorkel & Beach Break $79 per person

Depart directly from your ship aboard a luxurious, custom-built, high-speed catamaran, cutting through turquoise blue waters inside Belize’s barrier reef. The crew will provide instruction on the use of the complimentary snorkel equipment, and once the catamaran anchors in the lee of the sand atoll, you’ll step into the crystal clear waters for amazing snorkeling among coral formations teeming with colorful tropical fish–ideal for beginners and experts. Enjoy a beverage as you relax on a white sand beach under a coconut tree after snorkeling.

Cave Tubing and Rainforest Walk $79 per person

A drive up the Western Highway and into the rain forest leads to the fabulous Cave’s Branch of the Sibun River. After a briefing by your guide and a 30-minute walk through the rain forest, you splash into the cool waters of the Sibun River aboard an innertube. With a cave light on your forehead, float lazily downstream for an hour and a half, enjoying the cave formations of a Cretaceous Period limestone cavern, formed by the Sibun River. Lunch is served at a local restaurant.

Mayan Ruins of Xunantunich & Marimba $79 per person

The Xunantunich Mayan ceremonial center is located on a natural limestone ridge two miles from the Guatemalan border. The largest temple, El Castillo, is excavated and is partially restored. The site has three plazas, carved stelae, a partially excavated ball court, and a display center depicting the history of the site. Lunch is at a hotel, complete with Marimba show, and there is time for handicraft shopping before returning to Belize City.

Shark Ray Alley & San Perdro $79 per person

Four miles south of San Pedro lies the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and the famous Shark Ray Alley–one of the most popular snorkeling sites along the 150-mile barrier reef of Belize. Travel by speedboat to the reef to snorkel with friendly sting rays and nurse sharks. After lunch on San Pedro, visit a local shopping area.

Mayan Ruins of Altun Ham $59 per person

Two plazas and 13 structures mark the center of this ceremonial site of the ancient Maya of MesoAmerica. Also a trade center, Altun Ha is an hour’s drive away from Belize City. The famous 9 1/2-pound jade head of the sun god, Kinich Ahau, was found here in the tomb of a royal priest during excavations in the late ’60s and early ’70s. 48 stone steps allow the visitor to climb to the top of the main temples to view the countryside.

Port #3 Santo Tomas De Castilla, Guatamala (the website would not let us access this page…)

Port#4 Costa Maya, Mexico

Discover Scuba Dive and Mahahual Beach Experience $119 per person

Diving in Mahahual (Costa Maya) has been a closely guarded secret. But now, this region is quickly becoming one of the hottest dive spots in the dive community. Your excursion begins from the pier with a short ride through the town of Mahahual to the dive center. Your dive will take place on the magnificent Meso-American Barrier Reef system–the largest barrier reef system in the Northern Hemisphere. This particular area of the reef system you will be diving is extremely healthy and is in pristine condition. The dive sites are known for their abundance of beautiful corals and extraordinary reef formations, creating astonishing swim-throughs, and ledges. Common marine life experienced on these dives includes turtles, lobsters, stingrays, eels, king crabs, and barracuda, as well as a variety of tropical reef fish such as damsels, butterfly fish, pork fish, parrot fish and schools of Creole wrasse and blue tangs. Some divers have even spotted migrating whale sharks in this area. You will be given 1 1/2 hours of scuba instruction and skills training in shallow water. Then, board a dive boat custom made to handle the depths and shallows of Costa Maya’s dynamic reef system. You and your instructor will dive to a depth of approximately 30 feet, then as if the diving wasn’t enough, if time permits you will also have the opportunity to experience the local culture and beautiful beaches of Mahahual. Once a fishing village, Mahahual is now a small town thriving with wonderful beachfront shops, restaurants, bars, arts and crafts booths, and more. Whether you are interested in shopping, great food, water sport activities or a relaxing massage on the beach, Mahahual has it all. Or, you may stay at the dive center and enjoy the beautiful beach, order some beverages and a Mexican meal at your own expense. If you choose to stay in Mahahual after the dive excursion, you will be responsible for transportation back to the ship.

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