Logan’s Page


Favorite things to do: Eat, Play, Eat, Play, Eat, Learn new words, Eat, Sleep.

Logan was a late bloomer when it comes to getting his teeth. Here are the dates:
First Tooth – 8/6 (bottom right)
Second Tooth – 8/9 (bottom left)
Third Tooth – 10/29 (top left)
Fourth Tooth- 11?07 (top right)
Top second teeth 2/08
Top one year molars 3/08
Fourth Tooth – 12/8 (top right)

2 Responses to “Logan’s Page”

  1. Add laugh at Grandma to his list!

  2. He is so darling… I didn’t even realize you had a third! Good luck on the prolonged nursing this time around. I am not as much an advocate as Liam is… 😉