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gunn family blog » Park City Vacation 2007

Park City Vacation 2007

We got to spend another enjoyable weekend in Park City thanks to my dad and his timeshare at the Mariott Mountainside resort. I don’t know if my dad really knew when he begruddgingly bought the timeshare, how much we would all look forward to those few days each year he shares his condo, but they have come to be a great tradition and a symbolic signal to the official start of summer for our family. We left on friday after work. As is usually the case I had some unforseen conflics come up at the end of the day so we did not arrive up at the condo until almost 8:30 pm. That night we had a late dinner which was my sister Sarah’s amazing Chicken Parmesean, went down and sat in the hot tubs for awhile then started watching “Music and Lyrics” with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant after the kids were asleep.

Saturday morning the guys all got up early and played my favorite golf course in the state, Wasatch Mountain State Park (Mountain Course). It was a perfect morning for golf and I played pretty well on the back nine and ended up with the best score at the end of the day. The girls slept in (as much as five little kids allowed anyway) had breakfast and went swimming. When we got back to the hotel the kids had had lunch and were ready to go swimming again so we all went back out for a couple hours pool side. Abbi is a great little swimmer and love’s to practive what she learned last year in swimming lessons and jump in from the side of the pool. Surprisingly, Caleb is incredible intimmidated by the water and was very wrapped around my kneck like a boaconstrictor the whole time. After swimming we took the kids back to the room for naps and while the guys watched the sleeping kids the girls did their favorite Park City pastime – shopped at the outlet malls. That night we made out traditional jaunt to the Baja Cantina for mexican food and afterwards indulged in our favorite Park City Dessert – Apple Pie Carmeled Apples from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. After the kids were asleep Jami and I spent a few minuted alone in the hot tub before heading to bed ourselves.

We spent the Sabbath relaxing peacefully in the hotel room. I only left the room twice, once to take out the trash and another for a late eveing walk. I took two long naps and played games with the family most of the afternoon. It was one of the most laid back, relaxing days I have had in a long time.

I took Monday and Tuesday off work so Monday the guys got up early again and played the other 18 holes at Wasatch Mountain State Park – the Lake course. I did not play as well this time but because it was early on a monday moring they let all of us play in the same group so it was fun to be with everyone. When the guys got home we went swimming again. Abbi learned a new trick she liked where Dad swam under her legs and then she would swim under mine. The only catch was she could only get about an inch under water without my help so I would have to grab her and push her under and through my legs. I did not think she would like it that much but she thought it was great fun and I had to beg her to do something else. After swimming we got cleaned up and went back to the outlet stores this time so jami could get my blessing on a few things she liked and I ended up finding a few things I thought I needed and by the time the day was over I had a new Old Navy Credit card, a new wardrobe and a couple hundred dollars of new debt. yeah.

Jami and I were in charge of dinner for everyone that night and I grilled Bratwurst out on the pool deck which turned out pretty good. The one thing about Park City is it is a lot of people in a very small condo so by monday night we were all tired and cranky and I think the small confines started to wear on us all. Tuesday early we got the call from Ben that Jenny had had her baby early that morning so we ended up packing things up and heading back pretty early on tuesday. Everything worked out well since tuesday night a cold front moved into Utah which brought a ton of rain to the valley and snow to Park City and lasted for the rest of the week. Only 360 more days until Park City 2008!

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3 Responses to “Park City Vacation 2007”

  1. That relaxing Sunday sounded like the best day of all to me!
    Tell Ben congrats on the new baby. Is this #1 or 2? Does he or Sarah have a blog?

  2. # 2 for us. Sorry, no blog, but our family blog site is theoakstree.com, and there is a post up there with some pics.

    Good post Adam. You neglected to mention that I won on Monday! 83 baby!!

  3. 2 naps in one day! I am so jealous!