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gunn family blog » Happy Birthday Abbi!

Happy Birthday Abbi!

Abbi is finally five. Her Birthday was yesterday and it was a hectic day. The kids all slept in, which was nice. Abbi came running into my room and asked, ” Mom, I’m five now do I look taller.” I rolled out of bed laughing. After breakfast I gave the three kids a bath and proceeded to put curlers in Abbi’s hair. That took almost 45 minutes. She has a lot of hair. She opened a couple of presents, and then her awesome dad took her to Mc Donalds for lunch. She was excited for the daddy-daughter time.
Ben and Jenny had their baby on Tuesday, and came home yesterday. So I spent the afternoon making dinner for them. Then it was time for Abbi’s dance recital. We got her costume on, fixed her hair, and put some makeup on her. She did an awesome job. I started crying. It hit me that my little girl is really growing up. I remember the day she was born. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday. After her recital we went to dinner with my mom and sister, and Adams parents, his sister Sarah and her husband and Adams Grandma Maragaret. It was fun. She got a few more presents which included two Fairytopia Barbies and a Barbie Fairytopia movie. We will do cake and ice cream on Sunday for the rest of the family, she’ll get a few more presents then. We came home and all crashed.
Abbi is a wonderful girl. She makes me laugh, she’s always willing to help out and is a great big sister to Caleb and Logan. She has a sweet spirit and I can tell she is growing to be a good example and gain a testimony of her own. I am greatful to be her mom and look forward th watching her grow up and teach me how to be a better person.

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One Response to “Happy Birthday Abbi!”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! I can’t believe she is 5 either. Last time we saw her she wasn’t even a year old. I would have probably cried in a situation like that too. I’ve become quite the sentimental sap when it comes to my kids. Abbi sounds like a beautiful girl, inside and out!