We’re still here

It’s been a very long time since we posted.  My goal is to post something once a month. (Hopefully more.)  Instead of playing 12 months of catch upp I’ll just post the highlights.

Four kids makes life hectic. People use to tell me “3 kids is overwhelming. Once you have 3, having more isn’t too hard.” I didn’t think 3 was too bad. But 4 has definately pushed me closer to the edge. :)

Adam got a new job! Hurray! He starts Monday. He will be the Corporate Brand Mamager for a company in Ogden called Marketstar.Today is his last day at Forthgear. We will miss the friends we’ve made there. It was a good place for Adam but we both felt it was time to move on.

I got a job in September as a Crossing Guard near Abbi’s school. I take my boys and they just hang out in the car and play or watch a movie while I work. It’s worked out great and we’ve been able to use my paycheck to help out with Adam’s payroll reduction.

Abbi has been enjoying 2nd grade. She’s also participated in soccer and dance.  She has 2 soccer games left and her dance recital is in June.  She’s decided to try something new this fall. It’s called Choral Collection.  She has a few friends doing it so I think she’ll enjoy it. Abbi turns 8 in June and will be baptized in July.

Caleb is finishing preschool, and is very ready to go to Kindergarten.  He’s growing up fast and is a great little helper with his younger brothers.  He’s also been doing soccer, and has just started T-ball.

Logan is excited to start preschool in the fall. He want’s to be big like Abbi and Caleb  and get’s frustrated when he can’t do everything they do.  He’s a very funny boy who always says something to make me laugh. He’s our comic relief.

Carter is getting big and will turn 1 in June. I can’t believe my baby is growing up so fast. He get’s into everything, and loves to empty things and pull things off shelves. He’s been crawling for awhile and is starting to  show interest in walking.

Adam and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary! We went to Disneyland and had a fun few days together.  I bought Season Passes to Lagoon for the summer so we will be busy playing. The kids have swimming lessons, t-ball, arts in the park and a fun trip to PArk City in June.  Adam and I are going to Hawaii with his family in August. So we will have a fun and busy summer!

That is my quick update. I will do better at posting!  And i will post pictures when I remember how!!!

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