Monte Cristo Sandwhiches

with the growth of social media channels our blog has been seriously ignored over the past year. It’s too bad too because of all the ways we have to connect now (twitter, facebook, linked in etc) the family blog seems the most timeless and personal. Four kids has really rocked our world. I lay down in bed some nights and wonder where the last 24 hours went. I know Jami feels the same. There’s a lot going on in our household but rather than try to catch up I’m just going to post.

So what about Monte cristo sandwiches?

I was out to lunch at this odd little restaurant in Clearfield Utah called Ramblin’ Roads Diner it’s an odd little place but on their menu was a Monte Cristo Sandwich. I was naive to what exactly it was but it was basically a club sandwich that is fried in batter and served sprinkled with powdered sugar and a side of jelly. It really didn’t sound that good but I’d heard anything deep fried should be tried so I decided to order it. Needless to say I was quite impressed with it when it arrived and pleasantly surprised by the taste experience. I never in my right mind would think to put jam on a meaty sandwich and at first I just ignored the jam but finally I got up some courage to try it with the jam and it was unlike anything I’d ever had. A few weeks later I got a Disney D23 magazine and in there was an article on the Blue Bayou Restaurant at Disneyland. In the article was their recipe for their signature dish the Monte Cristo sandwich. What an odd coincidence I thought. I decided to follow their recipe and make them for the family. Everyone found them quite good, even the kids, although Jami had to question me a couple times on the combination. The biggest challenge to the Monte Cristo is the preparation and the mess. You would definitely want to have a deep fryer to even attempt a true monte cristo and I was covered in batter after dredging a whole sandwich in the batter.

That was several months ago and last night jami and I were both craving them again but I did not want to clean up a huge mess so I did a modified version of the sandwich that I think is somewhere between the ramblin roads version (bacause I don’t think they deep fried theirs) and the Disney recipe. They turned out pretty good so I’m going to post it below for anyone to try:

This batter was enough for 4 sandwiches:

2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup flower

mix batter well. Dredge 2 slices of bread in batter and warm on griddle until underside is cooked (think french toast).
flip bread. While on griddle add to cooked side of one slice a single slice of Swiss cheese, 2 slices ham and 2 slices turkey.
continue to cook on griddle until cheese is melted and bottom side of bread is sufficiently cooked. add second slice of toast
to top of sandwich and remove from heat. sprinkle with powdered sugar. serve warm with side of jam. We like raspberry best.

That’s it. Life is short so give the Monte Cristo a try! Here is a link to the Authentic Disney version

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  1. Wow Adam! You have a food blog! I am jealous. I have always wanted a food blog. I might steal, not just your recipe for Monte Cristo sandwiches, but your zeal for sharing your awesome food discovery! Food blog, here I come!