Park City Weekend

We had the opportunity to take a mini-vacation this past weekend to Park City. We are slowly outgrowing the condo units at the Marriott Mountainside Resort but that hasn’t slowed everyones enthusuasim to get together and have some fun away from home – especially the little cousins. The weather here in Utah has been really weird. I think it has rained every day in June. Luckily the weather didn’t slow us down too much.
I took Thursday afternoon off and Jami picked me up and after a stop at costco we were headed up I-80. It rained most of the way up and we decided to stop at the Outlest stores on the way up to shop a little before heading into Park City. Old Navy was having some good sales for guys so I bought some new shirts. We then headed up to the Marriott where the gals lounged around for a couple hours while the guys went to the golf course. We thought about playing a quick nine holes but the weather looked really ominoius so we just hit a bucket of balls. It was a good choice because not ten minutes later the sky opened up and we got soaked. After we dried off and changed my dad took everyone to Baja Cantina for dinner. I tried the Ahi Tuna fish Tacos which were delicious. After dinner we took the kids swimming and then tucked them into bed about nine (swimming wears kids out like nothing else). The adults stayed up and played Sarah’s dice game Zonk. If you want the rules let me know – it’s a lot of fun.
Friday morning the guys got up and played 18 holes at Wasatch Mountain’s Lake Course. The morning was clear and beautiful and the cool tempratures were perfect for golf. We had a lot of fun. We got back about noon, had lunch and then had a lazy afternoon, the girls went back to the outlet malls while the guys tried to keep track of the kids. Caleb wanted to go for a hike so he and I started up the mountain and found a cool trail which took us on a little adventure. He is quite the trooper and looks like he will be quite the outdoorsman. Jami made a great dinner of Orange Chicken and then we headed back to the pool for a late evening swim. We ended the evening watching the Penguins upset the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup. I never thought I would get so excited over hockey but these playoffs were exciting this year – much better than how the NBA playoffs fizzled out.
Saturday morning I had the opportunity to Golf again, Jami was incredibly gratious to let me play 36 holes of golf in two days. I guess she’s banking on there not being much time for golf once baby number 4 arrives. I played really well and while the weather wasn’t guite as nice as Friday morning we had a great time. Ben jumped out to a big lead on me but I played out of my head on the back nine and caught him going into the last hole. I missed a 6 foot put for par on 18 and ben had a 5 footer on about the same line to win and he left it right on the edge. It was fun. I’m glad we tied. We’ll have to make our next round the playoff. We got back and headed out to ride the Alpine Slide and then took the buses downtown to walk main street. There was a street fair celebrating the 125th anniversary of the founding of Park City. The kids were able to make really fun birthday hats before the sky opened up again and it rained hard. As we were heading back from the bus to the hotel the winds picked up and flipped our umbrella and Jami had to duck into a store to try to fix it. I kept running with the kids and they seemed to think mom had gotten sucked into the storm. Logan was especially freaked. Kids get the funniest ideas sometimes. We thought we might swim on more time but the weather was just too cool and rainy so we packed up, hit the outlet malls for one last look at a few items and then headed back down the canyon. We are so blessed to have these fun traditions to allow us to get away from our regular day-to-day challenges and make some fun memories.park-city-1101
One of the kids favorite things to do is go on long walks or adventures
getting ready to rock the alpine slide
Abbi was brave enough to ride by herself. She loved it!
Here are the cute hats they made downtown.
I love this photo of Caleb. It captures his personality.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect vaca right before new baby arrived. Glad it was so fun!