Proud Moment

Caleb was asked to give his first talk in primary this week. Some wards we’ve been in don’t even bother assigning talks to sunbeam age kids but he accepted the assignment which meant it was up to Jami and I to figure out what to do. We thought about it with little more discussion than doing the typical just whisper in their ear what to say thing until Saturday morning. I remembered back to my childhood days and my mom writing for me or maybe a sibling a talk composed of pictograms. I grabbed Caleb and together we scripted 5-6 sentences he could learn and use the paper we drew together as ‘notes’. We practiced all day Saturday and Sunday morning came and we anxiously headed off to church. His moment in opening exercises finally came and he got right up there and did his thing. I knelt beside him for encouragement but outside of a few prompts he pretty much did it all by himself. I was so proud of him at that moment I could hardly get the smile off my face. I’ve attached the “script” we made so you can see how it came together. Can you figure out the message of his talk?


2 Responses to “Proud Moment”

  1. This is just so neat. What a lucky kid to have a Daddy that cares so much, and that spends the time with him with work on his first talk in such a creative way. Will you make my kids a pict-o-talk when it’s their turn someday? :)

  2. I am so impressed! What a great idea and what a great kid to make it a success! Awesome work!