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gunn family blog » What a Weekend!

What a Weekend!

This weekend has been quite a busy one. It started with an early nine holes of golf for me. I met Ben at Valley View and we enjoyed a beautiful spring morning working out the early season kinks. About the fifth hole a group of four young deer wandered up the adjecant fairway and began grazing on the tee box. Those are the moments I love about the game.

After golfing I came home and ran a few errands ( errand for me include stopping by Sonic for one of their delicious strawberry lemon slushies – a new found favorite of mine). I came home and made lunch for the kids and then Abbi was off to her cousin Kaylee’s My little pony / princess birthday party. Abbi said it was lots of fun. They made bracelets and ate cupcakes and Abbi had a great time.

Caleb and I picked Abbi up and then we went over to Sarah’s house for Emma’s first birthday party. Jami had been over helping Sarah get ready and they had done a great job dolling up the house and preparing an amazing spread of delicious snacks. My favorite by far were the fresh cut strawberries and the whipped cream / cream cheese dip she had made for them. I would love for that recipie (that is a hint Sarah – please post a comment). Emma’s party included a frog hunt with Matt and his brother as well as the normal stuff like opening presents and eating more cupcakes. Emma got a ton of cool gifts. We gave her a cute little toy Jami found at the dollar store which – despite the enormity and cost of some of her other gifts, was for a short time her favorite. Abbi and I played soccer in the front yard which was a lot of fun. I think Abbi will be a pretty good soccer player soon and I am excited to get her playing on a team.

After Emma’s party we ran home, had some dinner and put the kids down for a nap. We then went to Kaylee’s “family” birthday party which was held at the church. We all sat in a semi-circle and ate cake while Kaylee opened the giant stack of presents from both sides of the family. Oh to be young again! I joked with Jami that I want a table full of gifts at my next birthday party – all wrapped in pink princess wrapping paper! After the presents Caleb entertained the Jacob clan by envolving everyone in a game of imaginary basketball. He really wanted to play basketball but we did not have a ball so we told him to pretend. He got pretty into the game and after awhile we had him passing the ball to all of Jami’s brothers and then back to him for the shot. He would follow the whole pantomime like there was really a ball. It was pretty hilarious. Grandpa Irv gave caleb a new tee-ball glove and ball which we enjoyed breaking in. Caleb’s hands are not quite big enough for him to put them into the glove and he has this odd idea that you throw with your glove hand so he has some learning to do. It was a fun gift nevertheless.

Caleb in the foam pit
Abbi in the Foam PitJami in the Foam Pit

Finally, at about 8:30 we headed to our final stop of the night. Flips Gymnastics for my families get-together. It is spring break in Albequrque so the Lindsey’s and the Steff’s are up for a few days and Oakley reserved the Gym for an evening of craziness. Abbi and Caleb had a great time jumping on the trampolines, playing in the foam pit and running around on the other padded shapes and stuff with all their cousins. Near the end of the evening we set up a giant obstacle course that used about every apparantus and piece of equipment in the whole gym. It took me about two minutes to navigate the course and by the end I was nearly dead. We were pretty sure by the end of the night someone would have broken an arm or leg. I was pretty stressed out the whole time but despite an accidental collision between Boston and McKay there were not any signifigant injuries. By about 10:30 Jami and were exhausted and had to pull Caleb and Abbi out kicking and screaming to stay. That had such a great time. Abbi is of course very interested in Gymnastics now. That party might cost me a lot of money. . . Anyway special thanks to Grey and Oakley for the fun end to a very busy day!

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