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gunn family blog » Seattle Trip 2008

Seattle Trip 2008

Jami and left October 9th for an extended weekend in Seattle. We had to miss the end of Duncan’s funeral which was really hard for both of us but we had been looking forward to the trip for more than a month and Delta was not too appreciative of our situation and offered little help in re-arranging our plans. We flew into a rainy Sea-Tac airport about 3:00 local time and were greeted exactly as you would expect to be greeted in the Pacific Northwest – with Rain. I was confident I would remember how to get to Bellevue but made a wrong turn early on without knowing it and it took us about fifteen minutes before we realized we were halfway to Tacoma! We turned around and started back. It was easier the second time and we got to Bellevue Square and checked in at the Hyatt. I used Priceline to get our Hotel so we had no idea what to expect but it is a pretty chic hotel. Bellevue Square is nothing like the mall I remember from 13 years ago. It spans multiple blocks and contains a lot of high-end retail. We braved the rain and walked around the mall awhile before deciding on dinner at Z’tehas. We lucked out and were early enough to get happy hour pricing so the meal was pretty well priced considering we go to entrees and an appetizer. We wandered around the mall(s) and I must admit my favorite store bar none was The Container Store. When I get back I will be petitioning to get one in Utah. Anyone who knows me and knows how I like notebooks, Shelves and Drawer and boxes to stay organized would understand why I would be so excited about this place. It was literally like Disneyland. Unfortunately most of the stuff I wanted would not fit in my carry-on so I bought a souvenir notebook and we headed back to the hotel to work-out before watching the Office and going to bed for the evening.

Friday we did the one thing Jami wanted to do on this trip – sleep in. Surprisingly we were awoken by rays of sunshine coming through our 10th floor window. We peaked outside and were greeted by a beutiful clear blue sky – a pleasant surprise! We then got up and drove across town to walk around the Temple grounds. I had wanted to attend a session but with it being the middle of the week sessions were only on the hour so we just enjoyed the spirit and the beautiful fall weather.
We left Bellevue and drove downtown. We had not had anything to eat yet and had one thing on our mind – mini-donuts at Pike’s Place. We parked down on the pier and hiked up the hill and made a bee-line to the mini-donut vendor. As the picture below attests they were absolutely heavenly.
We shopped for an hour or so. Taking in the fresh flying fish, beautiful seasonal flowers and all the rest that the market has to offer. We made some souvenir purchases for the kids and for my mom found this really cool blown glass pumpkin that we weaseled into a good price on. By the time we were done shopping the sugar high from the donuts had worn off and we were ready for lunch. We headed down the hill and walked from one end of the pier down to Ivar’s for their World famous fish and chips. The food at Ivar’s is not quite as memorable as the experience of eating on the pier with hundreds of seagulls begging for a french fry. After resting our feet while enjoying the fried food and salmon chowder we decided rather than try to move our car we would just hike back up the hill and head downtown to do some shopping. I didn’t plan to walk a marathon on this trip but needless to say after trudging back up town, by the time we found Niketown and the Old Navy my feet were shot! We poked in and out of a few stores before heading back down Pike Ave and detouring only so jami could experience the craziness that is the Nordstrom Rack. We dragged our sorry feet back down the hill stopping in the market one last time to buy a delicious Maui Pineapple (for only $3 – can’t beat that!)

By about 3:30 we were in the car and heading back towards the freeway with intentions to head towards Redmond and eventually to Nick and Kati Oliver’s home in Duvall. I new about where I wanted to go but as we were just north of the space needle I decided to follow a sign that said Truck Route thinking it would eventually get me onto the I-5. Well, 30 minutes and a lot of stress later we did find the I-5 but by this time we were well North of Seattle and on the outskirts of Ballard. I knew we didn’t want to head much further north so we jumped off the freeway, found a gas station and bought a map and found a circuituitous detour up around the north end of Lake Washington and up through Lake Town and Woodinville and eventually – about an hour-and-a-half later, we came into Duvall. It was definately a long-cut but it was fun and we would have hit a lot more traffic had we gone back through seattle, across the bridges and through Redmond. Jami and I have decided we will never apply to be on the amazing race together. Far too much drama when I am lost.

We spent the evening with Nick and Kati Oliver in the beautiful little home in Duvall. We were exhausted from the days activities and thoroughly enjoyed our first home-cooked meal in almost a week. After dinner we caught up on things while Spencer (age 3) entertained us and we waited for Carson (age 5) to get back from his birthday date with Grandma and Grandpa Oliver. It was good be back in the Pacific Northwest and among friends again.

We would spend the whole day Saturday catching up with people. Billy Price came out to Duvall saturday morning and it was fun to see him and reminisce a bit on old times. We then left for DJ and Anissa wheelers place in Kennmore. Anissa had just had her third baby the previous week so it was fun to see the twins Ethan and Addison and also hold their brand-new addition Austin. DJ and Anissa have settled into a beautiful home in Kennmore and it was nice to relax and laugh about old times. Later in the afternoon Xio and Kelly stopped by – fresh off a morning of relaxation at the spa for Xio’s birthday. Xio said she was more relaxed than she had ever been in her life but she still filled the room with crazy energy rivaled only by the excitement Ethan was experiencing fresh off a three-hour nap. It was the type of afternoon that you wish could last forever. It was great to be among friends again. We were such a close group of youth in the old Issaquah third ward and it was invigorating to have those people so close even for a brief time.

We ended the evening back in Bellevue where we met Nick and Kati for Dinner at the Cheesecake factory. I have to thank Nick and Kati for getting their on time and saving our reservation. I got lost again on the way out of Kennmore – it is so hard to tell which direction you are going in Washington. Too many trees! Anyway, I love the cheescake factory! Jami and shared a delicious Tai Pasta bowl to make sure we saved enough room for Cheesecake. My favorite cheesecake is the Dutch Apple Carmel and Jami got a delicious White Chocolate Rasberry Truffle Cheesecake. They were amazing! After dinner we popped back into Bellevue Square to shop before heading back to Duvall. Nick was hoping we would all stay up to watch the Three Amigos with him but Jami, Kati and I all fell asleep pretty early into the flick. Lucky for me I have heard that show at least 50 times before…

Sunday was another beautiful day. We got up, packed up and had some breakfast before saying our goodbyes. Jami and I then drove east back towards Fall City and before too long were back on familiar roads heading towards snoqualmie falls.
I love visiting the falls – so many memories of taking everyone who visited us while we lived in Issaquah up there and also other times when we visited or hiked down with friends. After the falls we drove back through fall city, grabbed some lunch at Small Fries (there tagline is Specializing in grease, salt, sugar and caffiene – my kind of place) then into Issaquah and found Joel and Melissa Gardner’s new place and visited with them for awhile and then attended Sacrament meeting with them before heading to the airport for the flight home.

We were greeting in Utah to bitter cold and snow on the ground. A harsh reminder of what is ahead as the leaves continue to change and we edge ever closer to another winter season. Our trip was not long enough. There were so many other people we wish we could have seen. It is more of a challenge to see everyone now that everyone who used to be situated on the Issaquah plateau is spread all over the greater seattle area. Jami and I enjoyed the time together and I enjoyed visiting the place where I grew-up and visiting some of the people who helped sculpt who I am today. Thanks again to Nick and Kati for their hospitality while we were in town. We sure enjoyed staying with you guys!

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  1. We enjoyed having you here as well. . .now if we could just get you guys up here for good!