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Slacker Mom

Well, we’ve had several things happen in our family since the last post and I’m a slacker. I’ve started this post several times, and stopped several times. I’m not leaving till I finish this post.

Abbi started first grade a month ago. She loves it! She really enjoys going to the library and getting new books as often as she can. Too bad she has a mean mom who makes sure she can read the book she has before she gets a new one. She’s already had a couple run ins with some girls in her class that either make fun of her if she makes a mistake or tell her she can’t play with them at recess. I can’t believe this starts so early, my worst fear. I told her that any time someone says or does something mean she should either respond with something nice or just ignore them. She has some friends in other classes that she plays with at recess so I guess that is good. Her mom (me) isn’t the best at socializing and making new friends so I’m hoping she is better at it.
Abbi has also started soccer again. Adam is her coach (not by choice). The dad that was suppose to coach backed out a week before games started. Adam was nice enough to say yes. Abbi’s team have lost all but one game. I just hope her and Adam are at least having fun.
She also started a creative dance class last week. It only goes until Thanksgiving. She really liked her first class, she likes to dance and perform.

Caleb started pre-school a few weeks ago. I was worried that he would have some separation anxiety but he has done really well. He actually wants to go every day. He doesn’t understand why Abbi goes everyday and he only goes twice a week. Caleb is doing well without Abbi. He and Logan have gotten better at playing with each other. I’m going to sign him up for T-ball in the spring, and soccer next fall. He really likes sports. He can’t wait till he’s old enough to go golfing with dad!

Logan is doing well. I can’t believe he’s going to be 2 soon. We got rid of his pacifiers the other night and he has done well. One day I found him hiding under his bed playing, and he had his pacifier in his mouth. He’d shut the bedroom door and put a stuff animal in front of it. He didn’t want me to find him. He knew he could only have his pacifiers at nap and bed time. So I figured if he’s old enough to hide and sneak around he was old enough to not have a pacifier anymore. So I threw them away.

Adam and I are doing well. We both got new callings a few weeks ago. We team teach the Family Relations Sunday School class. We teach for eight weeks and then have eight weeks off. It’s going good, so far. I also got called to be the Wolf Den Leader. What??? I know nothing about Scouts. I’m faking it! Adam sprained his ankle at church basketball a few weeks ago but he finally seems to be doing better. I still think his foot looks funny. Well, that’s all for now!

Check out these goofy kids!!!!


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One Response to “Slacker Mom”

  1. Its about time that you updated your blog. Just kidding, I know your busy. Obviously. YOur kids are just as busy as you. Make some time for us, and come play with us.