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gunn family blog » Gunn Family Olympics: Day 3 – Lagoon

Gunn Family Olympics: Day 3 – Lagoon

Event: Feats of Bravery

There were a number of Gold Medal performances Tuesday on the annual family trip to Lagoon. First off we need to thank Mom and Uncle Matt for scoring us really great employee / family passes for the day. We were able to get 8 people in for $10 apiece. With todays theme being feats of bravery we need to recognize almost everyone for pushing their personal limits in terms of what rides they were able to try.

Logan: Logan got his first taste of Lagoon and was very braving riding about everything he was old enough to. He loved the boats and was very brave and rode them all by himself. He also injoyed the Kontiki boat and had me take him on it three times.

Caleb: Caleb is following in his sisters fearless footsteps. He was tall enough to ride a few of the adult rides this year and jumped on the Tidal Wave and The Terror Ride without hesitation. Both Abbi and Caleb love the terror ride for some reason – It is weird. Caleb’s best moment of the day by far was his inability to figure out how to drive the bumper cars. Once he finally got the car going he would only turn to the left. I was laughing so hard. I said to Jami, ” Our son is destined to be a Nascar driver for sure because he can only make left hand turns. . . ”

Abbi: Abbi is by far the bravest 6 year old I know. She rode everything she could and was mad that they wouldn’t let her on the Samurai or the Jet Star. Her gold medal moment was riding Wicked for the first time. Matt’s best friend a opperations manager at Lagoon and he took us to the front of the line right before closing time. I was probably more nervous than Abbi about her getting on that ride but she was excited and at the end was complaining that the ride was too short. She is a lot of fun to ride with. We also enjoyed the Wild Mouse together and she dragged her mom on the swings too.

Jami: Jami’s feat of bravery was riding her least favorite ride – The Samuari. She hates that one and I must admit it is a pretty aggressive thrill for me too. We had a lot of fun listening to Ben scream like a girl in the row behind us so that made it worth it.

Adam: My feat of bravery was to ride the skycoaster for the first time. It costs extra so that has always been my safety net against actually dealing with the fact that I might be a little scared of trying it. Again, because of uncle matt’s friend we were able to ride it at no charge so that took away my only excuse so I ponied up and gave it a try with Matt and my Dad. For those of you not familiar with the sky coaster, they strap you into a harness that is combination hang-gliding suit and sky diving harness and then they individually strap you to this giant tension rope and hoist you 150′ into the air. Once at the top the selected person, in this case my dad, pulls a rip-cord and you free fall a good 60′ or so before swinging out over the park. The scariest part for me was the agonizingly slow and rather tense 30 seconds it took for them to hoist us to the top. The harness kind of tilts you forward and I literally felt like I could have sliped right out of the harness and fallen to my death. Once the freefall was over and I realized death was not eminent I enjoyed the swinging part of the experience. Overall it was definitely something I will never forget.

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2 Responses to “Gunn Family Olympics: Day 3 – Lagoon”

  1. I would have loved to see you on that ride Adam. Did ya scream like a 8 year old girl the whole way down? I would have.

    Your Olympic posts are cracking me up. Thanks for the fun distraction from my crappy pregnancy.

  2. Like a girl, eh?