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Whirlwind Weekend

Jami got a call Friday at about five o’clock PM from the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric asking if we would speak in church on Sunday. I was surprised to hear she had accepted the assignment considering that she hates the preparation process as much as the giving process. Friday night we had a date planned because I had tickets to the Big Bad Vooodo Daddy Concert at the Layton Amphitheater. We went to dinner at Applebees with on of my co-workers and his wife, Erik and Cindy DeWall and then headed over to the Amphitheater. As is usually the case the concert was terrific. I was in High School when the Big Band retro revival was huge with bands like them and the Brian Setzer Orchestra. It was really enjoyable although I was too intimidated to put my Pine Lake Middle School Swing Skills to the test even though the music made me want to get up and dance.

Saturday morning we woke up early and headed over to Farmington to enjoy some of the festivities as part of their annual Festival Days. Sarah works for Farmington City and played a huge part in putting on the event. I helped her by designing the logo for the event so Sarah got our family tickets to everything. The breakfast was really good – french toast, delicious bacon and fresh fruit. Our original plan was to stay and watch the parade but with the impending talks to write and also a commitment to the kids to attend a carnival at Grandma Pam’s work we decided to forgo the parade and move on to the Carnival.

Grandma Pam works as a Massage Therapist instructor at the Utah Career College campus in Layton with a rather eccentric and unusual faculty. The location is right behind Wal-Mart and they were hoping to attract a crowd with a carnival and Yard-Sale fundraiser. When we arrived spirits were pretty low. We were the only ones there and they had rented a large inflatable slide, dunk tank and snow-cone machine. We made our donation and enjoyed the lack of crowds to play on the slide, get the kids faces painted and eat snow-cones. Jokingly we challenged Jami to climb into the dunk tank to let the kids throw the balls at her. We were thinking that there was no chance that the kids would hit the target and I swore a promise that I would not pull any funny business. Everything was going well in terms of keeping Jami dry until one of the eccentric faculty members came over and said, “you know, that button sticks, I bet it isn’t even going to work.” and slammed his hand into it. Before Jami new what had happened she was swimming. She was a good sport about the whole thing and her being in the dunk tank actually grew a pretty good crowd of kids. Like a champion, she climbed back up on the podium and let all the kids take throws at her. She got dunked a couple more times.

We headed home to get Jami cleaned up and started writing our talks. The kids were pretty patient and we both made pretty good progress. At five we headed to Grandpa Irv’s house for a small family reunion.
We had a good time catching up with Uncle Richard’s family who we haven’t really seen for a couple years. Irv’s house is always hot so a lot of us saught refuge in the basement to stay cool. Abbi made some new friends with some of her second cousins.

I ended the evening going back to Farmington to pick up my Churros from Sarah at Festival Days. (the Churros were her last obligation for doing the logo.) Finally by about nine we headed home, put the kids to bed and put the finishing touches on our talks.

Sunday morning was a blur, before we knew it we were sitting on the stand and they were announcing the program. Jami spoke first, right after the youth speaker. She did a fabulous job and the spirit was really strong. Our theme was “Strengthening our testimonies through our Heritage”. She shared a story from her pioneer heritage and also her mother’s conversion story. I spoke on how we can insure a Heritage of Faith in our posterity and the importance of family traditions, setting goals and developing Habits of eternity. It was a good meeting and I think despite the short notice it was a blessing for Jami and I to work together on our talks. I think the Lord knew giving us a week to stress and stew over the assignment would have been too much so all in all it worked out for everyone.

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