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gunn family blog » Fabulous 4th

Fabulous 4th

We had a whirlwind 4th of July Weekend. It started Friday morning at 7am when we all woke up and hit the road to support mom in her first ever 5K race, The annual Kaysville Rotary Race. Jami and Danielle Jacob have been training together faithfully for several months now and we were excited to see how they would do. They were joined by Matt Hale along with Ben and Jenny. Sarah and I got to play babysitters and cheerleaders. I thought getting Jami into running would be a good motivation for me to keep on going, but it actually has had the opposite effect – she’s too fast for my sorry slow body so it has actually discouraged me somewhat. I need to get my act back together and start again. Anyway, They started the race at about 7:30 AM, with a 1/2 lap around the Davis High track and then they hit the streets of Kaysville. Matt Hale was the first one to re-enter the stadium about 21 minutes later. Ben was next followed by the three ladies not too far behind. Jami’s official time 31:53 which I thought was really good. She was 23rd place for her gender and age. Way too go mom!
Note the Biggest Loser competitor Stage Left ( Hey maybe I wonldn’t finish last after all!). Also not the random FLDS mother center. Utah is wierd. Also note the look on Ben’s face. Did you have another bag of WOW chips before this one too? yikes.

After the race we all headed to our house for a pancake breakfast, Then it was off to watch the Kaysville parade. My feelings for the Kaysville parade haven’t changes much since last year. We do appreciate the fact that Dan and Danielle live along the parade route so we don’t have to worry about reserving our spot like so many others who put their chairs out in the middle of the night. This years parade was as banal as expected but we literally came home with about 5 lbs of salt water taffy. The kids love the Parade and watching them is more entertaining than the parade ever will be. Even Logan got into picking up the candy. This years water fight portion of the parade was marred by a couple boys getting run over by one of the trailers. It happened not too far from where we were and looked much more serious than it actually ended up being. My guess is it was probably enough of an eye opener for the city that there won’t be a water fight portion of the parade next year.
Logan got tired of picking up candy. At one point he just decided to sit down in the street and watch…

After the Parade we made our way home so Jami and Logan could take a nap. While they snoozed Abbi, Caleb and I went to my parents to “Slip ‘n Slide” in their backyard. My parents have the perfect hill in their backyard for a slip n slide but it took six grandkids and some sweet-talk from grandma to finally get grandpa Craig to finally let us give it a try. We bought two 20 foot slip and slides and put them end to end down the hill. It was probably the highlight of the day. We had so much fun sliding down the hill.


After, we were all exausted and sore from a couple hours of slippin and slidin Grandpa fired up the BBQ for hamburgers. We enjoyed a casual dinner together and then went home to get ready for the fireworks at 10 pm. We stuck with my somewhat controversial strategy of parking a long way away from the DATC and then walking down to where my family likes to watch the fireworks. We were the first ones to arrive and watched the sunset over Kaysville while the kids played soccer with some of my older cousins. The fireworks were pretty good. Not as memroable or as long as other years but still beautiful. Abbi and Caleb are both to the point where they enjoy them tremendously. Logan enjoyed them too although we realized about half way through that they had actually put him to sleep. My parking strategy seemed to pay off as after the fireworks we made our way across the DATC campus and through the fence and got home before 11 o’clock.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the weekend was the fact that Saturday morning everyone slept until nine o’clock. Saturday morning I went golfing whith my dad, Ben and Matt. After golf we met up with Jami and the kids at the mall, enjoyed Chick fil A for lunch before heading back to Kaysville to attend the city’s production of Disney’s Musical, Beauty and the Beast. One of my clients was playing Lumiere and had asked me to produce the Playbill. As thanks he gave me tickets for my family and we enjoyed the show very much. I got to watch the entire show with Caleb on my lap so we had a diaoloque of questions and answers going throughout the show. He was particularly cute when he finally realized that Belle was falling in love despite the beast’s appearance. “Are they going to kiss now?” he asked. After the show we got Abbi and Caleb’s picture with Belle. She was a tremendous talent and did a really good job. I think Caleb has his first crush on her.

We ended the day with a Guitar Hero tournament in my parent’s backyard. Matt and Ben set up the screen and projector and at dusk we started rockin’ the neighborhood. Jami and I met in the champoinship and because of the format I had to play a level harder than Jami and she thoroughly kicked my butt. She is much better at Guitar Hero than she let’s on. Needless to say I was dissapointed in my performance but happy for Jami and her tramendous road to victory. I’ve challenged her to a rematch on hard. We’ll see if she every has enough courage to face me on an equal playing field.

It’s Sunday afternoon now and we are all thoroughly exhausted and grumpy. It was a memorable weekend full of adventure. One of the better fourth of July weekends in recent years. Hopefully I can make it through the workweek without passing out from exhaustion.

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2 Responses to “Fabulous 4th”

  1. You guys always have such busy lives and have so much fun! That slip and slide looked like a blast and I’m quite impressed that both your parents took a turn going down. Say HI to them all!

  2. For the record, that is my “determined runner face”!