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gunn family blog » Park City Week 2008

Park City Week 2008

This past week marked the eighth annual trip for our extended family to the Park City Mountainside Mariott Resort. We have had some amazing memories since my dad purchased his time share up there and we are greatful to him for so graciously sharing his time there with his family. It’s amazing how things have changed over the years. I remember the first year we went up Jami and I had been married only a couple of months, Sarah and Erik were still in grade school and Ben was on his mission. This year we officially outgrew the condo. My parents and Erik had to stay at another hotel in town because there are so many grandchildren now. Over the years we have kind of developed a number of traditions that have become a part of the trip that for our family marks the start of summer. I wanted to list them and share a few expereinces both past and present:

Top Ten Park City Traditions

10. Golf – For the guys, the golf is what we look forward to for weeks and weeks leading up to the trip. As causal golfers, we don’t play a lot of 18 hole rounds but every year we try to squeeze in at least two 18 hole rounds during the Park City trip. Our favorite and flagship trip is typically 18 holes on the Mountain Course at Wasatch. As a golfing experience, the mountain course is one of our favorites in the state and we kind of gear up for the chance to play it once a year. This year we woke up to rain mixed with Snow on Saturday morning. We still played a memorable nine holes that morning and laughed a lot as we truged miseralbly through the wetness, but it was just too cold to play the mountain course so we ended up on the lake course. It not usually the golf that leaves the lasting memories (mostly because we are all not very good) but typically something happens that we all remember for a long time. This year it was erik slamming his putter into the muddy ground on the 8th hole and breaking the head off only to mummer, ‘ I needed a new putter anyway.’

9. Outlet Mall Shopping – While the guys anticipate the golf, the girls look forward to the shopping. Its fun to go as a big group and hunt for bargain deals at the outlet stores. Jami and I aren’t huge shoppers but we always seem to spend plenty of money when we are trying to keep up with professional shoppers like Sarah and Jenny. Each year the park city trip usually means a couple new summer outfits for everyone and I usually end up replacing my wallet and watch each year or two at the Fossil Outlet.

8. Baja Cantina – We all look forward to the one night that dad takes the family to the Baja Cantina for dinner. We typically go to dinner early because of the size of the group and because of the size of our group we pretty much turn the restaurant upside down. We love their chips and salsa and every year I usually eat so much before my entree arrives that I end up taking half of it home for dinner the next day. This year Abbi’s birthday fell on the Saturday we went to Baja and they came out and sang for her birthday. They do quite the to-do for birthdays complete with a giant sunday and a free polaroid. Abbi was so surprised. The smile on her face shows how much she loved the attention!

Abbi Birthday at Baja Cantina

7. The Pool – The kids favorite thing to do at Park City is swim. We usually spend long stretches of each day down by the pool. This year was unusually cold so I think we swam a little less than usual but even with that we still endured the cool and swam as much as we could. It’s fun to see how the kids have improved each year and what they are willing to try and do. This year Abbi added diving to the bottom of the pool to grab underwater toys to her repertoire. Caleb loved to jump in and and likes to swim by himself with just his arm floaties. Logan was pretty scared this year but Jami bought him a cool car shaped floaty and once he got used to that he was content to float around the pool.

6. Games – We always play a lot of games together. Typically each year there are one or two games we are all passionately involved in. In the past those games have included Settlers of Catan and a silly little thing called Attatix. This year everyone (except my dad) got caught up in playing Dr. Mario on the Wii. It was pretty pathetic how much we played. At one point it was played for 8 hours straight. We would play handicapped games against one another and the looser would be out and the winner would have to play the next time on a harder level until they lost. It is such an addicting game and everyone had a great time watching and playing.

5. Walks – Park City is a fun place to go out and walk around. You can go up the mountain and enjoy nature or go down the mountain and walk through town. We used to go walk Main Street every year but that has had less appeal with all the young kids. This year walks evolved into a survival tactic when the kids started getting stir crazy or we needed to create some separation. Logan, Emma, Boston and Caleb especially loved the opportunity to go exploring and walking even if we never left the hotel.

4. Alpine Slide – We haven’t done the alpine slide for several years, mostly because it is so expensive. But every year we talk about it and reminisce about the memories we have of the experience. Nobody will forget the year Jami went down so fast she flew off the track. Abbi has always had an adventurous spirit and loved going down the alpine slide when she was younger. We look forward to taking the boys down sometime.

3. The Maze – The Maze is the family activity center at the Mariott resort. They have always offered activities for kids and families but we have never taken the time to participate until this year. If you ask Abbi what her favorite things were about Park city, This year they consist mostly of Maze activities. We went down and played Junk Food bingo and everyone one at least once (except Erik tee hee), Jami, Jenny and I dragged the five younger kids all over the hotel on a scavenger hunt against other familes and we even won despite the fact most of the other teams were adults and teenagers. Abbi also went and made jewelery one day with her aunt Jenny and really enjoyed that. I have a feeling the Maze will play a big part in future trips as the kids get a little older.

2. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory – The one thing we all agree on when it comes to food is that the Carmel Apples at rocky Mountain are second to none. Rarely a day goes by where someone doesn’t break down and go buy one. They are a great treat because they are easy to share. Our favorite is the Apple Pie Carmel Apple which, along with carmel is dipped in white chocolate and cinnamon and sugar. YUM! This year Sarah introduced us to their chocolate dipped Strawberries which are also amazing.

1. Being together – Most of all, Park City is a time we can all enjoy being together for a couple days. Unlike other vacations where we might be exploring new places or “trying to do as much as we can to get our moneys worth” Park City is pretty laid back. It’s nice to spend the extra time with my kids without chores to be done or the pressures of work and church responsibilities. We are blessed and grateful for a good dad/grandpa who puts such a premium on creating opportunities to be together and make memories. Thanks again Dad!

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3 Responses to “Park City Week 2008”

  1. Very cool. You are definitely lucky to have such wonderful parents that make vacations a top priority. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Wow, your family is pretty freakin’ awesome! I wish I was, like, your sister or something. Oh….wait.

  3. Thanks for sharing the memories. I can’t wait to school your golfin’ butt next year on the Mountain!