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gunn family blog » A Weekend without Jami

A Weekend without Jami

Jami left for a whirlwind trip to her hometown on Friday morning. I’ll let her blog about that adventure if she wants too. That left me to play Mr. Mom for the weekend. Luckily I am blessed with good family on both sides who were willing and able to help. Despite that I am sitting here on Sunday night feeling like I’ve been through a war and wanting Calgon to ‘take me away’… It might not have been quite so arduous a weekend if I didn’t have to squeeze in digging up my front yard to fix my sprinkler system in between all the other things we already had to do.

Friday night I picked the kids up from my mom’s after work and we headed off to get some Chinese from the Mandarin Palace for dinner. It was always an unwritten rule in my home growing up that if mom was out of town, dad took us out to dinner at least once. I am lucky that my kids like my favorite dish more than Jami does so it was a good excuse to grab some, in Caleb’s words “Spicy Beef” (Orange Beef) along with Abbi’s favorite Egg Drop Soup. We enjoyed dinner at home and then played in the backyard for an hour before it was time for bed. We practiced soccer for awhile and then Abbi and Caleb had a good time designing obstacle courses with the soccer cones and racing each other through them. I spent the evening watching the Jazz abysmal game six loss to the Lakers before hitting the sack around midnight.

I did little sleeping and spent most of the night stressing over the thought of having to dig a six foot deep hole in my front yard the next morning to see why my sprinkler system was leaking. I had dug up my front yard last fall when my stop and waste valve wore out and it was one of the darkest days of my life. The thought of having to do it again was almost too much to bear. My dad and a neighbor had both willingly offered to help which was a blessing and got me through the nights. Since I wasn’t sleeping I got up a little before six and started digging. I got about 2 feet dug before we had to get the gang up and dressed to get to Abbi’s last soccer game of the season.

Abbi played great in her last game. She has been such a different player the second half of the season. She learned what it means to be aggressive and it made her into quite the prolific little goal scorer. Before her second spring game I told her I would buy her breakfast at the local diner if she scored a goal. She scored 2 in that game and scored at least one goal in every game since. She ended the season with another 2 goal game and her team played really well and we as parents were really proud.. (they won 6-2 but we don’t really keep score now do we? :-) )

After soccer it was back to the hole. My mom took the kids because I was nervous about one of them (okay mostly Logan) trying to climb in it or something and my dad and I headed back to the house. I had already exposed the part of the sprinkler line where the 1″ pipe is converted to a 2″ pipe and there was a compression coupling there that I remembered had been a concern to my neighbor last fall so before we dug further we decided to turn the water on and see if that was where the problem might be. Lucky for our backs there was a huge crack in the connection between the two pipes and with little more than a half hours worth of work we had it fixed and ready to back fill. It would have gone even faster except for the fact that our neighbor to the south brought in a giant crane to move in a 15’ pre-fab storage shed that takes up half his backyard. It was pretty cool to watch this crane maneuver the shed over and between two houses and land it in the backyard. I was secretly wishing they would drop it on my car like in one of those “life comes at you fast” commercials. But it didn’t happen.

The afternoon was spent attending my daughters soccer awards lunch at Hungry Bear Pizza which (shamless PSA coming) if you live anywhere near Davis County, I would not recommend to anyone who cares how they spend there money or how food tastes. What a poor poor excuse for a buffet! They should feel ashamed at the quality of everything from the food to the cleanliness. If refunds were available on food I would have asked for one. The kids were mesmerized however, by the magical balloon clown who would build them great balloon creations if dad popped enough money in has magical little jar. yeah.

After flushing $20 bucks at Hungry Bear it was back to the yard to back-fill the hole and test the sprinklers. Yup, 2 broken sprinkler heads this year. After cleaning up the huge mess I had made all day it was time to get ready to take abbi to get her dance class pictures for the year. Jami scheduled Sarah to come over and do Abbi’s hair because she thought I couldn’t handle it. Come on – I could have done a great job…okay, she’s right her hair would’ve been awful if I would have done it. In fact when we got there, the other mother’s were so uptight that they might have banned Abbi from the photo if I had done it. After the photos we went to my mom’s and they invited us to stay for dinner which was a blessing because I was pretty much walking around in a comatose state by six o’clock that night.

I had planned on a big evening of personal projects in my office, working on an illustration for a vehicle wrap, working on my portfolio, and such but I was so tired after getting the kids to bed that I crashed in the bed at about nine and woke up about 2 am still in my cloths!

We picked Jami up at 11 am Sunday morning. Needless to say I was glad to have her back. She is the glue that holds our family together and I learned that while I think I am a pretty good dad, Jami and I make a much better parenting team than I could ever accomplish alone.

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One Response to “A Weekend without Jami”

  1. What a brave man you are Adam. . .it’s always nice to know us Mom’s are missed when we leave town. I’m glad you survived!