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Gas Saving Tips

Jami and I are blessed with the fact that we never have to drive too far. I work close enough to home that I have no excuse not to be riding my bike every day. Both sets of grandparents live within 5 miles of us. Nevertheless, with two older cars, one of them being an SUV, we are feeling the pinch at the pump with the outrageous price of gas these days. I was given this list of gas saving tips this week at work. They were courtesy of the radio station 1060 AM. A lot of them are common sense but a few of them were new to me and I thought collectively it was good information to distribute. With the current price of gas saving just 5 gallons a week at the pump could equal almost $1000 dollars over the course of a year!

1) Only fill up your vehicle in the morning. The colder the ground the denser the gasoline. When it warms up the afternoon or evening the gas is not as dense so a gallon may not actually be a gallon.
2) When filling up, set the trigger on the pump to slow mode to minimize the release of vapors while pumping. At faster rates, vapors get sucked back into the underground tanks and you get less gas for your money.
3) Keep your tank half full. With more gas in the tank there is less empty space and air in the tank. Gasoline evaporates faster with more air in the tank.
4) Don’t fill up when the gasoline truck is pumping into the tanks. This stirs up sediment that normally sits on the bottom of the tank and is not good for your fuel lines.
5) Keep your tires properly inflated
6) Minimize Stops and Starts – try to arrive at a red light just as it turns green.
7) Just slow down – slower speeds can increase your mileage by 2-3 miles per gallon.
8) Use cruise control – maintaining a constant speed is the best way to preserve gas.
9) Be price conscious – know what stations have the best price and make it a point to fill up when you are in the area. This is a better approach then the people who drive 15 miles out of there way to fill up at Costco to save 10 cents per gallon. Hello?
10) Take unneeded items out of your trunk. Extra weights cuts doen on your mileage
11) Plan ahead. Combine errands into a single trip.
12) Use the phone and internet whenever possible. We have started shopping online or calling ahead to make sure a store has what we are looking for before making a trip out.

If you have any advice to share we would love to hear from you.

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