Seven for 2007

Seven Favorite Movies of 2007

Theme of this year was “Low expectations make for a an enjoyable movie going experience. You’ll note some of the bigger blockbusters of 07 didn’t make my list probably because I was expecting a lot more from them.

7. Breach – One of the most gripping movies I have seen in a long time
6. Live Free or Die Hard – pleasantly surprised
5. Ratatouille – had to watch it a second time to really appreciate it. A work of art.
4. Hairspray – Enjoyed it way more than I ever thought I would
3. Transformers – Weak story, cheesy lines but way cool to watch!
2. Oceans 13 – Probably my favorite trilogy of movies. Love ’em
1. The Bourne Ultimatum – after hating how they adapted the books I’ve learned to love the Bourne movies for what they are – enjoyable cinema.

Seven Favorite Songs of 2007

My family thinks my musical tastes are a bit “out there” but I thought I would share the songs and albums that ruled my iPod this year. check ’em out on iTunes if you dare…

7. The Devil Never Sleeps – Iron and Wine (Album: Shepard Dog)
6. 1234 – Feist (Album: The Reminder)
5. My Song – Brandi Carlisle (Album: The Story)
4. Born Loosers – Mathew Good (Album: Hospital Music)
3. Call It Off – Tegan and Sarah (Album: The Con)
2. Sea Legs – The Shins (Album: Wincing the Night Away)
1. Coconut Skins – Damien Rice (Album: 9)

Seven Favorite Memories of 2007

7. Trip to St George and Las Vegas
6. Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival
5. Country Inn Weekend
4. Wheeler and Oliver Reunions
3. Park City Week
2. Wicked Weekend
1. Man Trip 2007

Seven Favorite Gadgets/Games of 2007

6. Fuji FinePix F480 – Its not a DSLR but who can complain about 8.2 megapixels in your pocket
5. iPod Shuffle – Skiing to Music is the best thing! Love my shuffle for running and such.
4. Blockus – Thanks to Dan and Daniele for introducing us to this great boardgame.
3. Mario Galaxy for the Wii – Mind Blowing Fun
2. Guitar Hero III – see post
2. My iPod Touch – My second generation iPod finally bit the dust so when Steve Jobs announced the iPod touch I knew I needed one. I wish it had more memory but what it lacks in storage space it makes up for in cool factor.
1. The Wii – I’ll never forget the first time I played tennis on the Wii and that overpowering feeling of desire that came over me that kept telling me “I gotta get me one of these…”

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