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Merry Christmas

Christmas 2007 is now a blur. It never ceases to amaze me that despite everything we say or do to try to ease the financial and physical stress of the holiday season it always ends up that we bounce through those last few weeks of December in a frenzied state, running from one event or store to the next. This post represents a few of the highlights from this years holiday season.


We kicked off the extended holiday weekend Thursday evening with a family Party at my Grandma Carolee’s. The party was a mix of holiday fun and football festivities as we enjoyed each other’s company as well as the Poinsettia Bowl featuring the University of Utah against the Naval Academy. Megan Steffenson planed the event and the two highlights were the talent show and a Surprise visit from Santa Clause. Only this was no ordinary Santa. Santa sent his special helper Duncan to visist the kids. “Dunkie-Clause” as Caleb calls him stole the show. My cousin Duncan has Cerebral Paulsey and the kids just love him so it was extra fun to have him dressed up as Santa and be able to give all the kids their gift. I think he loved it as much or more than the kids did.


Jami and I went back and forth this year on doing neighbor gifts. In the end we decided to do them. Jami spent the whole day baking cookies and banana bread and when I got home we packed in the car and delivered about 25 plates of goodies. This event never warms my heart as it probably should. I hope next year we can think of something more heartfelt and less time consuming.


Dan and Danielle came over and decorated cookies with the kids. They had a blast. I don’t think anyone makes my kids more hyper than their uncle Dan does. Danielle makes a great sugar cookie. Maybe some day I will get the receipe. James and Nicki stopped by as well and Kaylee was able to decorate cookies although she was much more interested in playing with the toys than decorating cookies. Of course, as fun as decorating cookies is, I think they enjoyed eating them the most…
Caleb and Cookies

After decorating cookies we went over to Irv’s for his holiday party. He had prepared a nice ham and we enjoyed that along with the silly games that have become tradition at Irv’s including the bean game which is really nothing more than a contest to see who can cheat the most (last year I won, this year Nate was the man). We had a lot of fun playing “I’ve never” and concluded the evening with a white elephant gift exchange.


Chritsmas Eve was pretty laid back until about three o’clock when we started out to Grandma’s for a nice dinner and the traditional Chistmas eve events. The kids are incredibly excited by this point and literally bouncing off the walls. My sister Sarah works for Farmington City and came to find out they had a pretty nice santa suit in storage. She brought it home and we convinced Erik to dress up. He disappered and then there were jingle bells outside and in popped Santa! The little kids were way excited, especially Caleb and Boston. Abbi is at that age where it is tough to put anything passed her. She picked up on the fact it was really just Erik dressed up pretty quick but was a good sport and played along.
After dinner we had my Grandma Margaret’s special Christmas program where we honor my Grandpa Doug and cherish the special memories of him (see previous post). We ended the evening with Grandma Keri reading the Nativity story and then the kids each got their traditional pajamas from Grandma and Grandpa. Since we had played up how important it was to go to sleep for Santa to come by about eight o’clock all Abbi and Caleb wanted to do was go to bed so we packed up and headed home for that “long winter’s night…”

Christmas morning we awoke to tiny footsteps at about seven o’clock. I don’t know how long Abbi and Caleb had been awake but I got the sense they had peaked downstairs and gotten a pretty good look at what Santa had gotten them. We forgot to get my sock down from the wall so their first concern was that Santa hadn’t brought dad anything because he had been naughty. We always make the kids sit on the stairs and take a picture and after the formalities of that moment the kids tore into the presents. Abbi got the “Make-up Barbie” that she had asked Santa for which was good because last year she asked for a barbie house from Santa and he didn’t bring it so Santa was kind of in her doghouse. Caleb is at that perfect age where we could have gotten him a pile of dirt and he would have loved it so he was a lot of fun. He had asked Santa for a Bumblebee Transformer and we were lucky enough to have Santa find one (thanks Aunt Jenny!). Logan got some fun new baby toys but mostly liked just tearing through the wrapping paper.

After we had our presents unwrapped we went over to my parents for the tradional Gunn family Christams Crepes. My dad served his mission in France and has always made crepes on Christmas morning. We all look forward to them – sometimes I think it is the only reason Jami married me. . . After stuffing ourselves to the point of explosion we exchanged Family gifts and then it was off to visit Jami’s family. Before we walked out the door my brother hooked up his gift from his wife, Guitar Hero III. It was my first taste of that game. I had heard people talking about it but my initial thought was, why would that be fun? Little did I know after watching my brother play and then getting boo’d off the stage a couple times myself that my thoughts would change to “I gotta have this game.” Luckily Jami’s mom had gotten it for her kids as well so it really became the entertainment for this years Christmas day as we took turns learning how to play and then playing against each other. Jami’s brothers are incredibly talented with sight reading and so it wasn’t surprising that they were geniuses at playing some of the more difficult songs. It was fun to watch.

We visited Jami’s dads then went to Pam’s for a crowded Christmas dinner complete with Ham and Turkey. Everyone except Cassandra had a spouse, a date or a friend over so it was incredibly crowded. Grandma Pam was the hero of Abbi’s day having made last years Christmas dream come true this year with a huge 3 story barbie house. After dinner all Abbi wanted to do was get home and set up the Barbie house so we ended the evening assembling hundreds of tiny pieces and applying little stickers to everything from flat panel televisions to milk cartons. I don’t know who is more spoiled – Barbie in her pimped out plastic house or our little princess Abbi.

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