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gunn family blog » Perfect Winter Weekend

Perfect Winter Weekend

We woke up to a fresh four inches of snow Saturday morning. We were supposed to drive up to the Judd family Christmas party Saturday morning but as many of you know, I hate winter driving. It causes an incredible amount of stress and anxiety to the point I am not even pleasant to be around. I made the decision early to call and tell my parents we were not up to going. It ended up not to be that great of a storm but as I was shoveling the driveway that morning I realized the heavy wet snow that fell was perfect for building a snowman.

We finished up some cleaning around the house then hit the Christmas tree lot to find the perfect tree. I typically make the family wait till after my birthday to get the tree but with the change of plans and the kids constant badgering we decided to get it done. The tree lot was a mess of mud with the snow and I was a bit dissapointed in the selection. As we were standing towards the back of the lot they brought out a couple new trees and I jokingly said to Abbi, “maybe that one is for us.” She was concerned that it was all wrapped up but as they began to cut off the twine and as we watched it unfold I realized it was a pretty good tree afterall. We decided it must have been meant for us so we bit the bullet and paid the $60 and brought it home. It is pretty sad that we are willing to shell out such a crazy amout for a tree that is already dead but there is enough value in the tradition and ambiance a real tree provides that as long as the costs don’t go up much more I think we will try to keep the tradition.


We got home and got started on the the snowman. The snow was so heavy and sticky that we had no trouble at all rolling up the snow. Grandma Pam had given the kids a fun snowman kit complete with boots, mittens, buttons and a wood carrot. We then went out and tried the new saucer sleds I picked up at the store. I realized pretty soon that unless I wanted a sore back for the rest of the week that we needed to go find a real hill. We ended up in my parents backyard. The kids were a bit intimidated at first so as any good father would I went first and beside careening into the retention wall at the bottom of the hill it really is a great sledding hill. Abbi and Caleb were very brave and both of them had a great time. They were full of energy and I was amazed at how many times they tomped up that hill with those saucer sleds. After awhile I built a luge type turn to protect them from the retaining wall. Luckily we never hit it with much speed or it would have acted more as a jump into the creek. We had a really great time and it meant a lot to me as a father to be able to spend some quality play-time with my kids.


We hustled home so I could get ready to go birthday shopping with my parents. It was the eve of my 30th birthday and my mom offered to buy me some new close since I have lost 20 pounds over the last six months and am looking a bit frumpy in my “fat-man” clothes. Little did I know that the shopping spree was just a diversion to get me out of the house and over to my surprise bithday party. I am usually pretty good at ruining surprises but in this case I was absolutely clueless. I tried and tried to convince my parents to take me to dinner but they kept saying they needed to get home to help Erik with a final paper. I shrugged it off and thought I would just buy myself a birthday dinner when we picked up Jami and the kids. I walked into the house and to my surprise most of my family, extended family and even some friends from the ward were crammed into my parents living room. I was at a loss for words. It was truely one of the best surprises I have had in a long time. Jami had planned everything. From a great pot-luck spread, a retrospective DVD, games and door prizes. It was a lot of fun if not completely unexpected. Sometimes Jami feels like she does not have many talents but she is one of the most selfless, caring people I know. I am so lucky to have her as my wife! Thanks honey for making my 30th birthday one I will always remember.

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3 Responses to “Perfect Winter Weekend”

  1. Good post Adam! Love the photos and good job on the snowman. Glad that your birthday was great.

  2. Happy Birthday Adam! Jami is so organized that she even sent us a birthday invite. She must really love you! :) Wish we could have been there.

  3. We too got an invite but realized it was a bit of a drive for cake. Glad it turned out great! Happy Birthday.