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gunn family blog » Abbi’s First Goal and More

Abbi’s First Goal and More

Another week has flown by. The leaves are starting to change colors on the mountainside and it won’t be long until fall is upon us. Church basketball is starting up again on Tuesday nights and after a couple weeks that I couldn’t go I have been able to make the last two weeks. I have been running for the last couple months and it has really helped make the transition to basketball pretty smooth but it is still quite a workout and I leave the gym pretty worn out after a couple hours. On Tuesday we were playing the last game and I landed on someones foot and twisted my ankle pretty good. I had a feeling before I left that night that I might get hurt and I remember hearing a pop as I fell to the floor. The pain was pretty severe but I could walk under my own power and was able to drive home. It was pretty sore on Wednesday but I was pretty sure nothing was broken. By Thursday the swelling had gone down but my foot bruised really bad along the bottom on both sides. It has actually felt a lot better this weekend than I would have thought it would although I still worry that maybe I tore something down there and just don’t know it.

Thursday night Jami and I stayed up late working on an art project for a contest one of the paper vendors at my work was sponsoring. I thought I had a pretty good idea that I might win but had let the two weeks we were given to work on it fly by so we were stuck pulling it together at the last minute. I had to attend our stake standards night with Miss Utah Jill Stevens and that did not end until about 9:00, so we were stuck cutting paper and gluing the whole thing together until a little after midnight. I was worried it was a big waste of time until it was announced Friday at work we were the winners. The prize was a $50 gift certificate to the Metroplitan Grill. That made it all worth the effort.

Friday night was our first ward adult social. Ward activities are never something I really enjoy going to but something that I really try my best to support. Someday Jami and I may be members of the activities committe and it is hard to see the amount of effort they often expend and the lack of support shown by the members. We had a pretty good time and we were able to meet a few new couples we did not know very well. They did play a fun icebreaker game at the beginning. They had everyone right down an appliance in the house that they did not like and then list 3 reasons they did not like it. I wrote down the ceiling fan in our bedroom and my reasons were:

1. It’s never worked
2. I get angry at night when I am hot and can’t sleep
3. It stresses me out to think about the time and energy involved in replacing it.

They then told us to share our answers with our table but instead of using the appliance relate them back as if you were talking about your spouse. As you can see mine could be interpreted as pretty funny. . .

Saturday was a fun day. Abbi had another early morning soccer game and I had worked with her during the week on being more aggressive and getting into the frey a bit more. She was pretty tentative at the beginning but in the second quarter the ball squirted into open space and Abbi was perfectly positioned to take off and she gave the ball about four good kicks down the field before getting it into the goal! I was so proud! There were a couple more times when similar chances popped up but she could never put enough good kicks together to keep the ball in front of her but she was pretty excited to score as were all the family who got to see her play.

Saturday afternoon we were invited by some friends to attend the University of Utah football game against UCLA. The Utes are off to a horrible start and have about five starters who have been hurt and are unable to play. Our friend’s the Hadley’s (who are huge UofU fans) invited us to the game and even they were selling it to us as an opportunity to see our team get killed by the #11 ranked team in the country. We started the afternoon with pizza at The Pie. That was a lot of fun as we mt up with some other mutual friends the LaSuers and had a nice pre-game lunch. The pizza and “cheesy pull aparts” at The Pie are some of the best I have ever had. I mentioned to Todd in passing that sometimes the key to success is low expectations and that proved to be the case as Utah came out and put a thorough butt-whompin on the Bruins. The final score was 44-6. While I do not consider myself a passionate fan of either major program here in the state it was fun to see a team that even their own fans had given up on rise up and find something that really worked. It could change the course of their whole season and if that happens it will be fun to say – we were there. I should also note that it was my first football game with Jami at my side and while she did find Todd and I a bit obnoxious she was a pretty good sport to sit through the whole game – she might almost admit she had fun.

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2 Responses to “Abbi’s First Goal and More”

  1. That ice breaker game is pretty funny.
    Can’t wait to see you guys next week!

  2. I am laughing at your ceiling fan responses in relation to Jami… too funny! Such a great idea for a game!