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I took a half day off last Monday and we took the kids to Lagoon. I think it is almost a law in Utah that you have to make a pilgimage to Lagoon at least once every few years. We picked a pretty hot day so we spent the first few hours at the waterpark. Abbi was very brave and rode all the body slides she could. The tubes made her nervous even in the lazy river so we called it a success considering her swimming ability. My day of trauma started in the lazy river where I was floating with Caleb on my lap when all of the sudden he decided to throw his head back and clock me right in the forhead with his head. We both ended up with goose eggs and I had a headache the rest of the day. I finished the morning off with a trip down the “speed” slide. I don’t know how long ago Lagoon changed them, but the used to go straight down and be rather exciting. Now they curve around at the top and there is hardly enough water to get any momentum. I came to a complete stop and had to sit up and push myself over the edge which made it rather anti-climatic. We went home for lunch and changed for the afternoon. We got to the park right on schedule and as I was getting Logan out of his carseat and turning to put him into the strolled Jami noticed that he had just had a huge blowout diaper. I looked down to see the front of my shirt covered in baby poo. I was so frustrated. I then got to spend 45 minutes driving home and changing my cloths instead of riding rides with eveyone else – lucky me. When I finally got back to Lagoon I resuced Abbi from the boring kidde-rides and decided to test her bravery with a few of the classic Lagoon rides. We headed over to Tidal Wave which she just loved and then tried the swings. As a parent, I was a bit aprehensive about letting my little five year old ride all alone on the swings but she really wanted to so I sat in a swing behind her and she had a great time. It was about then that I realized Abbi is one of the bravest five year olds I have ever met. She proceeded to go on everything she was tall enough to ride including the Colossus. Colossus was rather amusing because her six year old cousin was with us who was also trying it for the first time and he was literally crying with fear and apprehension. I was worried Abbi would hear him and let his fears become hers but she did a pretty good job playing it cool and was excited even as Baylor yelled and screamed for them to stop the ride so he could get off. She loved going down the hill and even put her hands up. As we went around the loops the thought occured to me that I never really explained that we would be going upside down – twice – to her. She gave me an odd look and held on a bit tighter after that and her only comment as we were getting off was “that made my neck feel funny.” Good news was it did not quell her spirit of adventure and she kept riding everything she could until we finally sent her home with Grandma at about nine o’clock.
Caleb is also very brave which was actually frustrating for him because he is not tall enough to ride anything really exciting and he wants to do everything his sister does. He and I did have fun on a new ride they have in the kiddie area that is like the Rocket for kids (see photo). One memory I will never forget was when his uncle Erik paid to let each of the little grankids try the putting game to see if they could win a prize. I thought it was a big waste of money as Caleb ran up and grabbed the putter. He was holding it backwards and upside down so the little skinny end of the putter was the only area to hit the ball with. Erik tried to help him but he did not want any help and proceeded to hit the ball right in the hole! He was the only person who one a prize. I wish there was more time to be with my wife and have fun but parenthood changed the Lagoon experience. Thanks to Grandma we were able to sneak away and ride the new ride “Wicked” together. It is a pretty crazy ride unlike any coaster I have experienced. If you haven’t heard, it shoots you out of the starting area and you literally go straight up and straight down a big hill with nothing more than a lap restraint. I have been on some bigger and crazier coasters back East but they all have extreme shoulder restraints that make it so you can’t really move let alone put your hands up or move your head. This coaster pushes the envelope from that aspect making it quite a fun thrill. We tried to ride it again later that night but the lines were always so long. Desipite the heat, the goose egg, the poo and the crowds it was a pretty fun day at Lagoon.

click here to view someones YouTube video shot while riding wicked. Enjoy.

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One Response to “Lagoon”

  1. Where are the photos you refer to?

    I can relate to the poo story. We had many a blow out, and unfortunately some of them ended up all over us. I do not miss that part one bit. Your little guy is quite the trooper to go to Lagoon all day. You must get more brave as you have more kids cause I don’t think I’d even attempt something like that with them at this age.