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Gunn Family Olympics: Day 11

Venue: Cherry Hill Family Day Event: Best Caridiac Canyon Performance Gold Medal Team: Adam, Jenny, Erik and Craig Gunn Today was family day at Cherry Hill. Erik is in his fifth year as a Cherry Hill employee and we look forward to out one opportunity a year to enjoy the park for FREE! Jami and […]

Gunn Family Olympics: Day 10

Event: Best Primary Secretary Gold Medal: Jami Gunn  It was brought to my attention that Jami was yet to win an indivdual medal in our family Olympics. Sunday Jami was released from her calling as Primary Secretary. As a conscientious observer for the past year I have seen something in Jami that I haven’t seen […]

Lagoon Skycoaster Video

Here is video footage of Me, Matt and my dad on the Sky Coaster. Any high pitched screaming you hear is definitely my dad… Photo and video editing at www.OneTrueMedia.com

Olympic Insider Report

Many people have been asking where the competitor’s from this years Gunn Family Olympiad prefer to dine (not really but play along). I am privileged to report that on Friday night the competitors dined at the new Firehouse Pizzeria in Centerville. The firehouse is a nice dine-in / take out pizzeria located just north of […]

Gunn Family Olympics – Day 7

Event: Saturday Morning Survival As a family we do a pretty good job of making the most of our Saturday’s Together. As a family we had a lot of options this Saturday, Jami’s family was going to go to the cabin and some of my family had talked about driving up to Bear Lake for […]

Gunn Family Olympics: Day 3 – Lagoon

Event: Feats of Bravery There were a number of Gold Medal performances Tuesday on the annual family trip to Lagoon. First off we need to thank Mom and Uncle Matt for scoring us really great employee / family passes for the day. We were able to get 8 people in for $10 apiece. With todays […]

Gunn Family Olympics: Day 2

Biggest Temper Tantrum Gold Medal Winner: AbbiLynn Gunn With twists and turns even Bob Costas and the crew at NBC counldn’t script, Tuesday’s Temper Tantrum competition was one by the least likely of suspects. In a competition typically dominanted by younger, more volitile athletes like Caleb and the prevailing family champion Logan, It was the […]

Gunn Family Olympics 2008

In the spirit of the athletes participating in Beijing, we are proud to bring you the first ever Gunn family Olympics. The events are unique but the honor great to those members of our family who will prove their greatness over the next 17 days. The first event: The Biggest Bone-head Moment Gold Medal Winner: […]