Bored on the Fourth of July

Actually, life has been anything but boring lately but it sounded like a really cool title for a post so I went with it. It is ironic that the more things going on in life that are “blog worthy” the less time you actually have to post them. This has been a fun and hectic […]

Loggi-pants and Londdi-pants

This is a photo Jenny took of Londyn Howard and Logan at Emma’s birthday party. They are about a month apart (Logan being the older of the two although you wouldn’t guess it by looking at them). It is quite amazing to have my younger cousins old enough to be married let alone having children. […]


Our little family continues to grow. Thier individual acomplishments have been very apparant this weekend. Abbi paid her tithing to the bishop today. She had about ten dollars which we took to the bank a few weeks ago and today we remembered to take it to church with us. She was so excited to give […]

Logan’s Baby Blessing

We blessed Logan last Sunday. While having 9 am church has it’s advantages, getting ready both physically and spiritually for what is considered an imprtant life event is not one of them. Jami decided not to set the alarm because Logan typically gets up around 7:30 am to eat. On this particular morning he decided […]