Caleb’s First Jazz Game

Jami got tickets for Caleb and I to last nights Jazz Game. I have been looking forward to taking my son to a Jazz Game for a long time but I was a bit aprehensive that maybe he was still a bit too young and that it would be a miserable waist of money. When […]

High School Musical Madness

My sister Sarah works for Farmington City. As part of their arts program the city is putting on a stage production based on Disney’s High School Musical. While Abbi and Caleb are far too young to participate (thank goodness) Sarah did get them both T-shirts. As Sarah knows, I was very skeptical about my son […]

Abbi Starts Kindergarten

We are officially the parents of a school age child! Abbi is enjoying her first full week of kindergaten and just loving being in school full time. She is such a brave independent child I admire her courage. I remember being such a chicken on the first day of school. I had to have my […]

Bored on the Fourth of July

Actually, life has been anything but boring lately but it sounded like a really cool title for a post so I went with it. It is ironic that the more things going on in life that are “blog worthy” the less time you actually have to post them. This has been a fun and hectic […]

Crazy Caleb

The other day Caleb woke up really early. He was very whiny all morning. I had just taken Abbi to school and was trying to get Logan to sleep. One minute Caleb was talking to me and the next he was snoring. I looked over and he had fallen asleep standing up (leaning over). He […]


Another Easter weekend has come and gone. We had a very nice weekend as a family. On Friday, Jami and I had a date night without children – Something we had not done for who knows how long. We ended up at the Gateway and had a nice dinner at Thaifoon. Their Calamari appetizer was […]

What a Weekend!

This weekend has been quite a busy one. It started with an early nine holes of golf for me. I met Ben at Valley View and we enjoyed a beautiful spring morning working out the early season kinks. About the fifth hole a group of four young deer wandered up the adjecant fairway and began […]

Like Father, Like Son

Caleb turned two yesterday and Abbi got Caleb his first golf club set. He was so excited to “go golfing with daddy!” We went out early today and set up in the back yard. As a parent and an avid golfer The experience did not disappoint. Caleb was a natural. I only showed him once […]

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Yesterday was Caleb’s Birthday. He’s officially a two year old. It was a fairly good day. The weather has been awesome so we went to the park in the morning. We went to the store and I let him pick out his birthday cake. He picked a chocolate, and funfetti. I had to be inventive. […]


Our little family continues to grow. Thier individual acomplishments have been very apparant this weekend. Abbi paid her tithing to the bishop today. She had about ten dollars which we took to the bank a few weeks ago and today we remembered to take it to church with us. She was so excited to give […]