High School Musical Madness

My sister Sarah works for Farmington City. As part of their arts program the city is putting on a stage production based on Disney’s High School Musical. While Abbi and Caleb are far too young to participate (thank goodness) Sarah did get them both T-shirts. As Sarah knows, I was very skeptical about my son […]

Abbi’s First Goal and More

Another week has flown by. The leaves are starting to change colors on the mountainside and it won’t be long until fall is upon us. Church basketball is starting up again on Tuesday nights and after a couple weeks that I couldn’t go I have been able to make the last two weeks. I have […]

Abbi’s First Soccer Game

Abbi had her very first soccer game on Saturday. We were lucky to find a nice pair of soccer shoes at the DI Friday night and she loves putting on her pink and blue soccer uniform. Her games are really early Saturday mornings. They start at 8:30 am and the format is for them to […]

Abbi Starts Kindergarten

We are officially the parents of a school age child! Abbi is enjoying her first full week of kindergaten and just loving being in school full time. She is such a brave independent child I admire her courage. I remember being such a chicken on the first day of school. I had to have my […]

Orleans Concert

Last night, Jami and I were given some complimentary tickets to see the band Orleans in concert here in the local outdoor amphitheater. If you are like me you are probably asking yourself ‘who the heck are Orleans?’ yes I asked myself the same thing and when we tried to find some friends to go […]

Bored on the Fourth of July

Actually, life has been anything but boring lately but it sounded like a really cool title for a post so I went with it. It is ironic that the more things going on in life that are “blog worthy” the less time you actually have to post them. This has been a fun and hectic […]

Happy Birthday Abbi!

Abbi is finally five. Her Birthday was yesterday and it was a hectic day. The kids all slept in, which was nice. Abbi came running into my room and asked, ” Mom, I’m five now do I look taller.” I rolled out of bed laughing. After breakfast I gave the three kids a bath and […]

Abbi’s Dance and School Graduation

Abbi is finishing up her first year of dance class at Luv 2 Dance in Kaysville. It works out well for us because it is right by my work and I am able to pick her up on most evenings. They are preparing for their end of session recital and she was suppossed to have […]

Abbi’s Easter Photo

A few weeks back my uncle Craig Stevens did a photoshoot with the Oaks grandkids. He does such a great job and today we finally got the disk with the images. I was so pleased with this photo of Abbi I had to post it immidiately. Abbi has such a bubbly fun personality but what […]


Another Easter weekend has come and gone. We had a very nice weekend as a family. On Friday, Jami and I had a date night without children – Something we had not done for who knows how long. We ended up at the Gateway and had a nice dinner at Thaifoon. Their Calamari appetizer was […]