Nice visit with Nick

This post was started several weeks ago but I forgot to post it – I got an email from Nick Oliver early last week that he would be visiting Utah on business and was hoping we could get together. I was excited about the opportunity to see Nick but apprehensive about the severe winter weather […]

Memories of Grandpa Doug

In Lieu of presents, my Grandma asked us instead to write down a few memories of my Grandpa Doug who died of Cancer in 2001. Weekend Drives to visit his parents in Evanston Wyoming. – Shooting BB Guns and 22’s at pop cans on the way – Wheelbarrow Rides around the yard – Listening to […]

A Utah Man am I?

This is a long, sports related rambling – don’t read on if you don’t care about college football. (Yes Anissa, this means you) The college football season is coming to an end. This has been an interesting season for me as a fan of college football. While I grew up a BYU fan through the […]

Abbi’s First Goal and More

Another week has flown by. The leaves are starting to change colors on the mountainside and it won’t be long until fall is upon us. Church basketball is starting up again on Tuesday nights and after a couple weeks that I couldn’t go I have been able to make the last two weeks. I have […]

What a Wii-kend

A couple weeks ago some friends invited us over for family night to play their Nintendo Wii. I have had to deal with co-workers who all spent lunch hours searching for the latest Wii shipment for weeks on end and found it a bit over the top so I felt pretty prepared to not get […]

Bored on the Fourth of July

Actually, life has been anything but boring lately but it sounded like a really cool title for a post so I went with it. It is ironic that the more things going on in life that are “blog worthy” the less time you actually have to post them. This has been a fun and hectic […]

Viva Las Vegas!

Jami and I took a couple days this week to sneak down to St George just the two of us. We planned the trip several months ago to have something to look forward to and despite the disturbingly high gas prices and temperatures we decided to go ahead and make the road trip. The morning […]

Scuba Rocks

I had my first opportunity to try Scuba Diving tonight as part of a young men’s activity. The Dive Shop in Ogden offers a two hour trial course that was recommended to us by another young men’s group. We decided to give it a try and made our reservations. I was bumbed at first that […]

Dinner with Billy Price

I got a random call from an old High School buddy last week. Billy was going to be passing through town on a business road trip this week and wanted to see if we could hook up. I had not seen Billy since Jami and I had visited Issaquah almost three years ago. A lot […]

Jazz Win! Jazz Win!

Anyone who knows anything about me knows I am a huge Utah Jazz fan. I’ll never forget sitting in the Davis High gym in one of my first years Jr. Jazz and having a young rookie point guard walk in by the name of John Stockton to do a clinic. He was quiet and not […]