Matt’s Birthday Bash

I’ve written this post three times now and for some reason it keeps getting deleted. Friday night we were invited to attend Matt Hale’s birthday party at Winners Motersports in Salt Lake. Matt is my sister Sarah’s husband for those who are curious. Anyway, Winners is a competetive indoor go-cart track and to be honest […]

Playing Catch Up

Regretably, the holidays came and went and Jami and were so busy with everything that we struggled and eventually failed to find any time to blog. Also thrown into the mix was a dream vacation which I will blog about later. In any case, the Gunn’s are back and I hope to post a few […]

Tulip Festival

This weekend we went on a family excurtion to the annual tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point. I have had the opportunity to visit the worlds most famous Tulip gardens in Holland and wanted to share a bit of that with my family. The gardens were beautiful although not nearly the volume of tulips that abound […]


Another Easter weekend has come and gone. We had a very nice weekend as a family. On Friday, Jami and I had a date night without children – Something we had not done for who knows how long. We ended up at the Gateway and had a nice dinner at Thaifoon. Their Calamari appetizer was […]

What a Weekend!

This weekend has been quite a busy one. It started with an early nine holes of golf for me. I met Ben at Valley View and we enjoyed a beautiful spring morning working out the early season kinks. About the fifth hole a group of four young deer wandered up the adjecant fairway and began […]

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Yesterday was Caleb’s Birthday. He’s officially a two year old. It was a fairly good day. The weather has been awesome so we went to the park in the morning. We went to the store and I let him pick out his birthday cake. He picked a chocolate, and funfetti. I had to be inventive. […]

Life is a Highway

I don’t want to brag or anything but… I went to the Rascal Flatts concert on Friday. It was awesome. I went with Sarah, which of course made it ten times funner. We sat in Section One, Row 13. The stage was at the other end of the arena, but it extended out onto the […]


Our little family continues to grow. Thier individual acomplishments have been very apparant this weekend. Abbi paid her tithing to the bishop today. She had about ten dollars which we took to the bank a few weeks ago and today we remembered to take it to church with us. She was so excited to give […]

Not my idea of fun

Well so much for staying healthy. Abbi got pink eye on Tuesday. Yesterday she seemed to be feeling better, until 2 in the afteroon. She started crying and holding her left ear. She kept saying her ear hurt really bad, so I called to doctor and got her in. Come to find out she did […]

My Little Parrot

Caleb is starting to repeat everything now. It’s amazing how he picks up on everything. You don’t realize it till he says something out of the blue and you think, “Where did he learn that?” He loves playing with Abbi and doing whatever she does. Especially when they dress up in princess clothes and jewelry, […]