A Weekend without Jami

Jami left for a whirlwind trip to her hometown on Friday morning. I’ll let her blog about that adventure if she wants too. That left me to play Mr. Mom for the weekend. Luckily I am blessed with good family on both sides who were willing and able to help. Despite that I am sitting […]

Wheeler Reunion

It had been a good four years since we had last seen DJ and Anissa. The Wheelers have lived on both costs since then and both families have added two kids apiece since we said goodbye to them at the Orem Outback. We were excited and grateful that they were willing to brave a Southwest […]

Labor Day Weekend

Jami’s family owns a signifigant amount of land up above Coalville, Utah and we had yet to make a trip up to her family’s cabin this year. So we kind of planned a spur of the moment trek up to the Chalk Creek cabin over Labor Day. Our kids called it camping but really besides […]

Balloon Festival 2007

Last weekend (I am a bit behind in my blogging) we made our annual pilgrimage to the 2007 Ogden Valley Balloon Festival. Jami and I have been making the morning trek to Eden, Utah for the past four summers. I got involved in supporting the event when one of my clients, Wolf Creek Resort, took […]

Park City Vacation 2007

We got to spend another enjoyable weekend in Park City thanks to my dad and his timeshare at the Mariott Mountainside resort. I don’t know if my dad really knew when he begruddgingly bought the timeshare, how much we would all look forward to those few days each year he shares his condo, but they […]

Viva Las Vegas!

Jami and I took a couple days this week to sneak down to St George just the two of us. We planned the trip several months ago to have something to look forward to and despite the disturbingly high gas prices and temperatures we decided to go ahead and make the road trip. The morning […]

Totally Wicked

I’m back from Denver and I have to say I had an awesome time. No sleep, lots of shopping, lots of driving, and of course three amazing hours of watching WICKED! We left at 5:30 am on Thursday, and got to Denver around 2. We checked into the hotel and got ready for the evening. […]

Tulip Festival

This weekend we went on a family excurtion to the annual tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point. I have had the opportunity to visit the worlds most famous Tulip gardens in Holland and wanted to share a bit of that with my family. The gardens were beautiful although not nearly the volume of tulips that abound […]