Happy Birthday Jami

I am not the best husband when it comes to planning special events. Jami is the best wife and I could never plan a day to fully compensate her for how amazing a wife and mom she is for our family. I do know that even when your 8 months pregnant, nothing is better than […]

Caleb’s Tribute to Mom

((this came home from preschool with Caleb today)) Top 10 Reasons Why I Love my MOM 10. I love my mom because she reads me every book 9. I love my mom beacause she helps me color 8. I love my mom because she makes me laugh by tickling me 7. I love my mom […]

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Caleb is the big 04!  I can’t believe how fast time seems to fly by.  It’s seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home, and I had no idea how I was going to handle two kids.  Now I’m preparing to bring home #4 in a few months!  Crazy!   Caleb had a fun […]

Back to the Blog

As many of our faithful readers will note, It has been a very long time since I have posted anything to the blog. It is not that nothing of interest or note has been going on in my life, on the contrary, things are especially hectic. Rather, I think as many do I was a […]

It’s a ……

BOY! Yes that’s right we are adding another boy to our family. Abbi and I will really be out numbered now. Adam and I went and had the ultrasound yesterday. Everything went good and the doctor says the baby looked healthy and all the measurement were right on track for my due date. (Which is […]

So You Think You Can Dance?

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“Merry Mis-Mas!”

Logan is talking a lot now and one of his favorite things to say is “Merry Mis-Mas”. When you ask him what he wants santa to bring him he says “Candy cane.” because that is all the santa in the mall has ever given him. Heck – why expect anything else? Aren’t kids great? From […]

Happy Birthday Logan!

Logan is officially a two year old. I say officially because he’s been acting like one for awhile. His birthday was Saturday. We invited family over for cake and ice cream that night. He had a blast. Adam, made him an Elmo cake, and Logan loved it. Whenever we’d ask him what he wanted for […]

Adam’s Happenings

Adam has had al lot of event, some exciting , some not so exciting happen the last month. I’ll just highlight a few exciting ones. The Marriott Hotel in Ogden remodeled and decided to have a grand re-opening. Adam did the design for their advertising, posters, and sign on the windows at the entrance. We […]

Caleb Bowling

Caleb’s preschool went bowling back at the beginning of November. Caleb had a blast. His Uncle Erik went with him, (thanks Erik) so Caleb thought he was extra special. They went bowling and then did a little performance after. Caleb seems to be a pro bowler. Erik said he did it all on his own. […]